Parents Accelerated Recruiting PrograM for your student athlete

For some parents  recruiting services aren’t a good fit. Some cost too much and others are just too sketchy. But, most parents still want help navigating the recruiting process.

I know that it can be stressful for parents who want to fully understand the recruiting process. For this reason I created the Accelerated Coaching Program specifically for parents like you! 

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The Accelerated Coaching Program is 4 online video courses explaining the secret recruiting strategies every parent needs to know. 

For only $49! Just download the coaching videos anywhere, anytime!

The Key Concepts of the Accelerated Coaching Program will

  • Help you map out an effective recruiting plan for your student-athlete
  • Show you how to use social media to properly market your student athlete
  • Teach you how to make an appealing recruiting video
  • Discover how to navigate the NCAA recruiting rules and communication guidelines

Basically, you can use my 25 years of knowledge and experience as a coach and collegiate scout to learn the secret strategies of recruiting success.

This is your chance to get the inside secrets from me for only $49 – delivered right to your phone or computer.

PLUS, I will give away a FREE 30 minute recruit assessment where I will review grades, skills or game video and provide an personal recruiting strategy for your student athlete.

Ready to start the Accelerated Coaching Program? Click the link here.

Looking forward to helping you take control of your student athletes’ recruiting success!

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