The value of sports camps for recruiting?

Almost every conversation I have with athletes and parents the question of camps comes up. Admittedly, sports camps have especially gained a lot of attention as a staple for recruiting. It seems like every college, at all levels, has some sort of athletic camp. But do camps really help with recruiting?

So what is the role of sports camps in college athletic recruiting? Are they worth it? Do they really help with recruiting?

First, camps are great for younger athletes. During camp younger players can learn new skills which can help them in the future. Young athletes can use camp to demonstrate talent level above their peers.

Conversely, older, more experienced players spend most of their time at camp honing the skills they already have. Be warned, recruiting can suffer if player skills are not up to par.

Second, camps are good for team building. Ever see Remember the Titans? hqdefault copyTeam camps build the necessary bond of trust and camaraderie between teammates that is needed to succeed. There is also an added benefit when several members of a team has the opportunity to see firsthand how they measure up against talented athletes from competing schools.

So what about the role of camps in recruiting? 

The best piece of advice is that camps need to add value to your recruiting.  Consider, what will you gain from attending this camp beyond a T-shirt and sunburn? Before you pay fill out the application form its wise to ask yourself this question.

Secondly, athletes should be selective with camps choices. Exposure is the key benefit with camp selection. Target a camps for the benefits it can add to the quality exposure of your overall recruiting campaign.

Lastly, before the check is written, consider the return on investment. The idea is to let the camp to add significant credibility to  your recruiting, not make you look like an underperforming athlete or worse, desperate for attention.

In summary, it is important to consider the value of a sports. Good investments add value, and sports camps should add value  to your overall recruiting campaign.

Share your opinions. What do are your though about attending sports camps for recruiting purposes?

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