Tips to create an impressive highlight video

The highlight video is very important to college recruiting.
The highlight video is more important to your college recruiting than you think.

The recruiting video is a valuable asset for athletes wanted to get recruited. In most cases the highlight video can make or break an athlete’s recruiting. Since September 1st only 3 weeks away, college hopefuls must have their highlight video ready for this major recruiting period!

Did you know that every PrepStar 360 Athlete gets expert edited highlight videos included in their recruiting program? Because PrepStar has been working with college coaches for 34 years our video experts know the exact specifications college coaches want to see.

However, if you choose to go it alone here’s a few tips to create a good highlight video.

A good highlight video:

  • is an appropriate length of 3-5 minutes
  • easily identifies the student athlete
  • shows athletic talent and all aspect of skills required for the position

Coaches watch highlight videos to save time and money. Truth is, if they don’t like what they see then they won’t invest in the travel expenses to come to watch in person.

Common highlight videos mistakes

  • music in the background
  • overuse of additional graphics
  • videos that are too long
  • unclear or obstructed footage

A good highlight video that impresses the coach to want to see and know more about you as a student-athlete. A mediocre highlight video does not help your recruiting whatsoever.

Keep these tips in mind and your highlight video should be a help, not a hinderance, to you recruiting.
Good luck.


Coach Mike Woosley is a National Scouting Director at CSA-PrepStar.  As a professional collegiate sports scout Mike works with qualified next level student-athletes to find the right college athletic and academic fit. Comments and questions are always welcome.

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