Do You Know Your Recruiting Timeline?

Know Your Recruiting Timeline and Make a Plan!

                                         Signing dates for 2017 

The old saying goes. “Those who fail to plan, are planning to fail.”

Signing Day for most sports are always in February or April.  Early signing days are in November but only for certain sports. Having consistent dates in February and April means everyone has the same amount of time to get recruited.  What you do with that time is very important.

I highly recommend to take some time to map out the plan of your recruiting. A good recruting plan includes academic acuity, competitive events and strategic communications.

So, how do you get started?

Start by reverse engineering your plan. Begin with the end goal in mind then work backward. A good plan will also have a number of benchmarks along the way to help gauge where you are and if your are on track.

Not sure where to begin? I can help you get started with a FREE coaching call.
Text (480) 442-6224 to get started today.

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