How to Use Social Media in Your Recruiting

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Social media is an excellent recruiting tool when used correctly. It can also be a detriment if used incorrectly. So before I give you a few tips on how to use social media to your advantage here are some important things to keep in mind.

  1. Anyone, anywhere can see your post
  2. Your post speaks for your personality and character
  3. Pictures speak for the company you keep.
  4. Posts are nearly impossible to erase once out in cyber-space

Over the years I’ve observed amazing uses of social media by student athletes. Essentially, many of these athletes created an organic media portals.  Used properly social media really can make a difference with your recruiting.

Here are a few tips to use social media to your advantage. 
1. Designate social media outlets. For example, use Twitter for sports and SnapChat for selfies. Avoid mixing the two.
2. Show the things that you value. For example, hard work, commitment, family, faith
3. Share your experiences. Post where your playing and camps your attending. Share pics of team functions and events.
4. Share gratitude.  It is okay to thank coaches with whom you’ve had conversations for conversations or invitations to camps, events or for attending games
5. Always be positive. Never post online a complaint or grip about another player or coach. And, don’t repost the negativity of others.


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