2018 Early NLI Signing Dates 

The early National Letter of Intent signing day for 2018 commits in sport other than football is November 8-15. During this time early committed athletes can sign the formal agreement with the (NCAA or NAIA) university they have chosen to play for the 2018-19 season.  For those signing early, please text or tweet a picture of your signing ceremony to @MichaelWoosley.

Typically, the November NLI signing day is for athletes in Fall sports except football. In contrast the February and April signing dates are for athletes participating in Winter and Spring sports respectively.

Additionally, National letter of intent is a a binding contract between student athlete and university that guarantees academic and athletic aid so be sure all terms of the offer are agreeable upon signing.

There are a few interesting notes about NLI’s to know.

  • NLI’s can be signed without first getting admission to a college
  • Only 1 NLI can be signed within 1 academic year
  • NLI must include the NCAA ID. The NCAA ID
    will be available to the prospective studentathlete
    once registered with the NCAA
    Eligibility Center
  • NLI may not be signed prior to the signing dates for the applicable sport.
  • NLI must include a parent or legal guardian
    signature if the prospective student-athlete is
    under the age of 21.
  • Football (Early NLI Period) is December 20 – 22, 2017 (Division I)
  • A prospective student-athlete signs with an institution. If the coach leaves, the NLI signee is still bound by the provisions of the NLI.
  • Completing a playing season does not fulfill the NLI obligation. The entire academic year at the signing institution must be completed.
  • The NLI may be delivered by express mail, regular mail, email, fax, mobile applications or any other electronic means. Coaches and university reps can only be present if the signing takes place on the college campus.

More information and some informational videos can be found at the NLI website. http://www.nationalletter.org/

Click to access nli-guide-2017-18.pdf


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