3 Things to Know Right Now about recruiting

3 things you need to know right now about recruiting

Recruting season is here! Its hard to ignore when its the talk of ESPN, the local news and sports media. Problem is, looking at any of these outlets its easy to assume that recruiting is over. But that’s not true. There is a lot of recruiting left. Actually, for 2018’s, there is over 6 months of recruiting remaining! So, since there is still time left on the recruiting clock here are some important details about recruiting to know right now.
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D1, D2, D3 and NAIA have different signing periods

2018’s still have time – there is much more recruiting left

  • While the early National letter of Intent (NLI) signing days have come and gone  athletes can still sign until April 1. Signing day for all sports other than football starts April 11 and goes through August 1st.
  • If you haven’t gotten much traction yet, don’t give up hope. Keep working hard in the classroom and on the field. Coaches are like lions on the hunt. They often lay in wait watching and looking then move swiftly with decisive action. For example,  one of my athletes Prepstar verified athletes recently got 5 offers is 4 days!
  • Lastly, D2, D3 and NAIA have different signing periods. However, when signing after the NLI dates expires for your sport it is important to know that often scholarships are not guaranteed and become at the discretion of the college coach.

I’m available whenever you need me

  • I’m here to help. But I can’t help with the things I don’t know about. Nor can I help athletes not verified as a member of the PrepStar 360 team.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed. I’m here so you don’t get overwhelmed, stressed, or out of sorts by the recruiting process. Every athlete under my care has unrestricted access to my assistance. I’m only a phone call, email, text, or Tweet away. ( @MichaelWoosley)
  • Let me know about interested college coaches or schools you like so I can help you get and stay on their recruiting radar.

2019’s are on deck

  • As coaches find what they need for 2018, they continue to look ahead for holes to fill with 2019 student athletes and beyond.
  • Be intentional about connecting with with coaches that view your profile.
  • Keep your profile up to date with stats, metrics, transcripts and GPA.
  • Start strategically planing camps/combines/showcases for the summer.
  • Coaches like to look ahead so students-athletes in the 2019’s and 2020’s class should also do all of the above.
Be committed,
Coach Mike
Coach Mike oversees the the recruiting of talented next-level athletes to develop a recruiting strategy to get seen, scouted and recruited. With over 20 years of experience as a coach and, as former college athlete, Mike now mentors families through the academic, athletic and financial aspects of college recruiting.  

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