Early Signing Period for 2019 Football

December 19, 2018 kicks off the second early signing period for college football.  During this short three day time period many early commits will be signing to play collegiate football. To that select group, I say congratulations! However, many more high school student athletes have yet to sign. In fact, most high school seniors will sign between February 6 and April 1. So this short blog is for them. Those that are still teetering in the process. Many have offers while others are still hoping to find a good fit.  Here are a two helpful tips.

First, do not be discouraged. It is important for 2019 football players is to stay the course with their recruiting. A lot of recruiting is still taking place. College coaches continue to look to fill  roster spots with qualified, committed and eligible athletes.  A lot can happen between December and  April so stay focused and be proactive!

At this time it is tremendously important for student-athletes to continue to keep their grades up and if possible improve their overall GPA. At this time of year, it is tempting for Seniors to think its okay to coast. But, actually its time to buckle-down. Every academic point, GPA, ACT or SAT will equate to additional money in college. academic and athletic scholarship. In contrast, every point that is rendered results in additional college tuition cost.

For many 2019 prospective student athletes have investing years of hard work and dedication. The end is near. And with the right attitude and focus the end will not be the end at all, but a beginning of a new chapter filled with amazing opportunities and exciting experiences. Good luck to the class of 2019!

Coach Mike oversees the the recruiting of talented next-level athletes to develop a recruiting strategy to get seen, scouted and recruited.  As a coach with over 20 years of experience, and a as former college athlete, Mike now mentors families through the academic, athletic and financial aspects of college recruiting.  

Coach Mike – Email: mwoosley@csaprepstar.com   Office: 805-622-STAR


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