Tips for the campus recruiting visit

Most athletes don’t understand that a campus visit meeting is much like a job interview.  So treat your visit like you would a job interview. Your resume is your athletic and academic accomplishments but what’s going to put you at the top of the list is how you represent yourself during the time on campus.  So here are 5 tips to help you have a successful campus visit. 

Always use proper English when talking to coaches. Avoid slang and short talk. Coaches take their job seriously, they also look for serious players. Demonstrate that you are articulate and intelligent (if you don’t know what those words mean get a thesaurus!)

Next, dress for success. Leave the warm-ups at home. Dress nicely and comfortably. Don’t worry about whether or not your’e going to stand out because that’s what you are there for!

Your objective of the campus visit is to leave the visit with assurance and confidence that you did your very best to leave a lasting impression.
Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash

While your on the visit, separate yourself from the pack. Sheep run in a flock so they don’t get eaten, lions roam alone to hunt down their prey! When everyone else is goofing off, keep in mind that your there for one reason; to get noticed and get a scholarship!  Take time to talk with current players and mingle with the new guys also. Essentially, be a leader, not a follower. 

Always, be confident when you respond to questions. The best preparation is practice so rehearse your responses to questions that you think the coach might ask.  Questions you can anticipate will revolve around you strengths, weaknesses, idea of team, individual goals, work ethic, responsibility, accountability, etc. 

Lastly, your objective is to leave the camp visit with assurance and confidence that you did your very best to leave a lasting impression. 

At Prepstar, our 360 team members are mentored throughout the recruiting process by their personal Scouting Director. Preparation for campus visits is just one of the many recruiting experiences that athletes receive direction.  Want to know more about the Prepstar 360 team? Leave a comment below or send an email to Coach Mike at


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