3 communication periods for FCS D1 during the football season explained

Soon, the high school football season will be underway. All the hard work, summer workouts and dedication will start to show itself on the field. For many high school football athletes the ensuing games will have surely influence their recruiting. Game day is the opportunity to “get film” that college coaches will certainly find useful in the recruiting process. In the next three blog articles I will outline the 3 communication periods for FCS D1 during the football season.

Game day visits are great opportunities to communicate with coaches during the Quiet/Dead Period
Photo by Riley McCullough on Unsplash

Beginning the month of August is the Dead Period/ Quite Period. This means that from August 1st through the 31st coaches may not have face to face contact with athletes or their parents. It also means that college coaches cannot watch players compete UNLESS that student athlete is actually on the college campus for a camp or college visit. HOWEVER, the interaction (on campus) can only take place 48 hours before or 48 hours after the college’s home game.

So, what does all that mean? First, it means that coaches need time to evaluate players so communication between prospects and coaches will slow down somewhat. Next, game day visits are great opportunities to communicate with coaches. Its a huge part of their design (that and marketing the college). Third, ever during the quiet period, prospective student athletes can and should maintain consistent communication college coaches.

Lastly, if your not sure that the email or text communication you’ve been sending coaches is good I’m glad to send you free communication templates guaranteed to get results. Simply, text “GAMEPLAN” to 480-605-4050 and I’ll send you the free templates.


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