High performance athletes Common characteristics- Self Care

This week I continue to outline major characteristics of high performing athletes (HPAs). The characteristic outlined this week deals with performance off the field of play. Quite possibly, this characteristic is most neglected and taken for granted. However with complete certainly this characteristic greatly impacts performance. 

The characteristic this week is that high performing athletes take seriously self-care of  their body and mind. HPA’s understand that what takes place outside of the game effects how they perform during the game. To avoid this, HPA’s are particular about self-care. High performers are meticulous to eat clean, monitor nutrition, get adequate rest, and practice daily physical and mental maintenance. 

Because high performing athletes are so obsessed with reaching their highest potential they create and execute good health habits. Relentlessly, high performance athletes strictly maintain those habits to the point where it seems obsessive. 

HPAs do this for one simple reason. They understand the connection between how you feel adn how you think effects how you perform.

So here are a few suggestions of self care, performance enhances habits.  

  1. Adequate sleep – Keep a consistent bedtime and waking time every day. 
  2. Eat clean – Healthy foods equal healthy body and high performance. Plan ahead, meal prep if you have to assure that in healthy foods are always available.
  3. Mind preparation– Daily practices to strengthen mental approach with practices like inspirational content, reading, prayer, stoicism or  meditate. 
  4. Use supplements– Athletes need to replenish vitamins and nutrients that become deficient during physical activity. See your health care professional for recommended supplements.
  5. Daily exercise and stretching –  Keep you body in top shape with daily stretching and exercise routines. 

Making these 5 practices part of your daily regime will improve your performance on and off field. DM me if you want to know my self care practices or to get recommendation to help you perform at your highest potential.


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