Coach Mike Prepstar Parent Interview: Jody Jones

In mid-June, I recorded an Interview with Jody Jones, retired military (Army air traffic control & air space manager) parent of four student athletes, and just a tremendously supportive parent. He graciously took the time to share with me his perspective.

Admittedly, he was with a competitor before coming to PrepStar team and he shares some of the struggles and lessons learned from that experience.


3:20 The process- how did you know it was time to get started?
4:08 Not knowing the recruiting process
6:20- Leveraging camps with exposure
6:40 DJ’s offers
7’:10 Using social media
7:30 Narrowing down the offers / making the decisions.
11:10 His experience explained
11:56 Parent involvement
12:36 How he found PrepStar
12:58 Started with a competitor first, lesson learned
13:23 One of million, no, I want to be one of a few
13:51 Different feel when I talked to Coach Mike
14:31 Coach Mike making a call and getting DJ an official visit
17:00 The advantage of starting early
17:38 Early exposure to put your athlete on the radar
17:56 Start as soon as possible
18:37 No criticism for using an outlet like PrepStar, but did with the competitor
19:15 Investing in your kids
19:35 Prepstar is a win-win situation
20:10 Supporting your kids, then the rest is up to them
22:30 Process is overwhelming for athletes…
22:55 The benefit of having supportive people around you
25:40 Verbal commitment is not signing…
26:30 Deciding to graduate early
28:30 Overall experience with PrepStar
29:02 Coach Mike and the PrepStar tam responded…it makes a difference
29:30 The importance of an interactive recruiting program
30:20 It feels like family


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