Why Average isn’t Impressive : tips for a top-notch recruiting profile

The recruiting profile is much like a resume. A good resume lets the employer know who the candidate is, why she/he is more qualified than other applicants, and what unique skills they have to help the company. Typically, the best candidates have the most impressive resumes. Without question, their experience stands outs in the accomplishments and achievements listed.

Average isn’t impressive. 
The recruiting profile represents the accomplishments of prospective student-athletes in the classroom and in athletic competition. Its your chance to be extraordinary, not average.

Surely, candidates with incomplete resumes stand less of a chance compared to prospects with resumes chock-full of impressive information.

So, your recruiting profile can be a great tool to the get attention of the college coach. However, if your profile looks like everyone else’s then you are more likely to get looked over than to get attention.

Be “extra”-ordinary
College coaches are looking for players that have something “extra”-ordinary about them.
Practically every college coach is looking for student-athletes with the right experience, skills and qualifications to convince them that he/she will be able to succeed at the next level.

I encourage you to use your recruiting profile to let coaches know why you are an excellent choice and great fit for the college and athletic program!

So, the best way to do that is to frequently update your recruting profile!

What then should be included in your profile? 

  • Academic accomplishments
  • Academic transcripts
  • Future academic interests
  • Community involvement
  • Extracurricular clubs / programs
  • College entry exam scores
  • Media web-links and newspaper articles
  • Strength and Speed Metrics
  • Recent statistics
  • Experience /accomplishments including playoffs, state championships, tournament championships
  • Letters of recommendation from coach, counselor, teacher or mentor
  • Game Video highlights
  • Position Skills video
  • Travel team information
  • Goals and objectives
  • Contact information including phone, email, social media

Why does your profile need this information?
If you don’t give coaches the information they need, they will just glance over your profile and move on to the next qualified athlete in their search for the right fit. Please do not expect a college coach to track down all of your information. Truthfully, most won’t. Instead, show them why you deserve their attention.


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