Why grades, stats and measurables matter for recruiting

For the longest time the eye-test ruled collegiate and professional recruiting. Today, recruiting has evolved to also include specific measurements that are used to predict and project athlete potential.

This is why stats, metics and grades are important to your recruiting profile.

Hanging in my office is a well used stopwatch. Its serves as a reminder that today sports are broken down into fractions of a second. Basic math, statistics and advanced data analysis not only separates athletes but also accounts for the difference between wins and losses.

Your goal is to win at the game of recruiting.  So use your stats, metrics and grades to separate yourself from the crowd and show the college coaches your talent.

In your Prepstar profile you can update this information as often as you like. Simply click the “Edit” button, enter the data then click “Save”.

If your not sure what to add, feel free to contact me. I’m here to help.

Be committed,

Coach Mike


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