New NCAA regulations on electronic communication is sure to impact recruiting 

Recently, in an April meeting NCAA D1 council changed its regulations on the use of text message communication for recruiting.  Although this change has been regulated for D1 college only, it will surely impact other divisions of college athletics.

As stated on the NCAA website

  • The Council deregulated electronic communication with prospective student-athletes who participate in football, cross country, track and field and swimming and diving.

Electronic communication includes

Student athletes will be more accessible than ever  once electronic communication is deregulated.
  • Text Message
  • Twitter DM
  • Facebook message
  • Instagram message

Since the announcement coaches, pundits and media outlets have started debating how this regulation will both hurt and help college coaches and recruits. It also means the NCAA  gets off easy because they no longer has to monitor electronic contacts.

The reason I want to bring this new rule to your attention is because
1) it directly impacts your recruiting
2) it is likely to change the way coaches reach out to players
3) it means the student athlete will need to learn how to effectively communicate with college coaches.

Once this rule takes effect, communication with college coaches via social media is going to be different for student athletes. Surely, this will impact the content student-athletes post to social media. Especially when considering college coaches will be permit to interact with athlete at any time.
Be committed,

Coach Mike


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