3 Things Smart Recruits Do

There is a distinct difference between smart recruits and not-so-smart recruits. (Since you’re reading this blog I’m assuming you must be pretty smart). When it comes to recruiting college coaches spend a considerable amount of time resources and other expenses that go in recruiting prospective student athletes. Smart recruits know this and do three things to get an advantage over other prospects.


Prospective student athletes need to have smarts.What you do in the classroom really does matter. Because collegiate eligibility is determined by the grades not the number of goals you score. So, it helps to be aware of current Core GPA.   Smart recruits keep the most up to date GPA on your profile at the end of every quarter or semester. Also, upload an unofficial transcript to your profile to make it easy for coaches to verify your GPA.

Secondly, the importance of accurate stats is often overlooked. Sadly, I notice many high school coaches neglect to keep accurate stats and by doing so negatively impact recruiting potential of their athletes. I often say, “stats are facts” because stats are excellent proof of both athletic ability and consistent performance.  Smart recruits keep track of their stats and frequently update them on their recruiting profile.

Last, prospective student athletes should be aware of their online presence. Smart recruits are mindful to present themselves in a positive way on social media. It is foolish to understate how detrimental one thoughtless post can be to your recruiting.  Before every post ask yourself, “am I proud of this?” If you’re proud of it , then most likely its smart.

And smart is good!






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