Parents, a recruiting tip. Free isn’t always quality.

For this week’s tip, I’d like to share some thoughts from one parent to another.

Everyday I hear and see so much false information and fictitious myths about recruiting that I feel its important to warn you about it. Honestly, I get upset by the ridiculous misinformation people tell me and the perpetual lies I see online. These hucksters are so blinded by dollar signs $$ that don’t actually take into the consideration the fact that that the futures’ of young women and men.

So here’s my tip this week. Parents, you are the first line of defense to protect your student-athlete so be please aware of false information!

  1. Be cautious of the “free” information you find online
  2. Be cautious of “free” services

We all know that everything we see on the Internet isn’t true and that there is no such thing as free. In fact, it takes years of successful results to build the reputation and expertise necessary to be considered by college coaches as a credible recruiting resource.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.35.34 PM

Like you, I love my kids. I have three. However, my daughter is a Sophomore softball player. Without a doubt her collegiate recruiting is very important to me. So, like you, I understand the severity that the choices I make today can cost her tomorrow.


As a PrepStar 360 athlete, I’m glad she can benefit from the recruiting exposure provided by  PrepStar’s 36 years of working relationships with college coaches. This kind of backing is invaluable in the recruiting process. The assistance families get throughout the recruiting process is second to none! Plus its hard to ignore the highest success rate in the scouting and recruiting industry.

So, parents, be cautious when relying solely on information from Internet searches and people who have no vested interest in your athlete. How is someone working for free supposed to guide you through the recruiting process?  Most recruiting services only have computer programers on staff! (text “CoachMike” to find out which ones).


In my office I have a sign that says, “My job is to connect with people and solve interesting problems!” It’s a reminder to me that every athlete, and their recruiting process, is unique. So my job is to be there to help them solve the problems and clear the way for their success.

Perhaps it would better to have someone like me? A trusted resource and real expert- who is also the parent of a college bound athlete- to walk along with your family?

Call me today to take the first step in the right recruiting direction. Together, we’ll set the course of success for your athlete.

Coach Mike Woosley

“To get committed, you got to be committed.”



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