What is an official college visit?

Since many athlete are being offered opportunities to visit campuses I thought it good to repost from last month.  On many occasions coaches reserve official visits to make offers, especially during senior year. Every college coach has her or his own way of recruiting athletes so be mindful that an invitation for an official visit doesn’t necessarily mean an offer will  be given. Furthermore, the official visits tends to follow one or more unofficial visits.

Credit: http://www.lhscounseling.org/college-visits.html

By definition, an official visit is any visit to a college campus by a college-bound student-athlete and his or her parents that is paid for by the college. Conversely, visits paid for by college-bound student-athletes or their parents are unofficial visits.

Most importantly, only Senior student-athletes are permitted official visits.  Many parents are mistaken on this point. So it is important to keep this in mind when talking with college coaches. Additionally, during the Senior year student athletes are permitted up to 5 official visits for D1 and D2 schools. However, only 1 official visit per school is allowed. For D3 and NAIA schools there are no limit to official visits.

Finally, I would love to hear from athletes attending official or unofficial visits. Also, if you need help preparing for your official or unofficial visit leave a comment below or send me an email at mwoosley@csaprepstar.com.

I’ll help you answer any questions you may have.


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