Academics in the Recipe of Recruiting

Have you ever baked your phone? Yes, baked your phone. A while ago day  I was drawn to a Twitter a post that while baking a cake someone dropped their phone into the pan then, unaware proceeded to bake the cake in the oven!


I’m sure whoever did this probably planned out the recipe for the cake, prepared all then ingredient, then proceeded to go about the task without any premonition of having their phone becoming part of the ingredients.

Now, its likely that none of us have made this blunder, but I’m sure at even the best of us and overlooked some important detail which then ended up becoming a very costly mistake.

For many athletes academics are one area that are easily overlooked during the excitement of the season. Because overlooking academics can be a very costly mistake it is best to proceed with caution.  Neglecting to focus on academics can effect both recruiting and scholarships opportunities.

So, here’s a few tips to keep your recipe of recruiting on point.

1. Keep up to date with academic assignments.
2. Check your GPA often. Weekly if needed.
3. Plan ahead, work on assignments in advance.

Why do grades matter?
Having up to date grades as well as college prep test scores (ACT/SAT) moves along recruiting. Why? Because early qualifiers are easier to process!

Also, I suggest taking either the ACT or SAT as early as possible. This gives you time to take the test again if necessary. In addition to early qualification you may want to take these test more than once because higher test scores equate to more money in financial aid rewards!

The recipe for success that I suggest is taking the Pre-ACT or Pre-Sat Sophomore year to get a baseline score. Then, take the ACT or SAT your Junior year. And, if necessary, take the ACT or SAT again your Senior year to get the highest score possible.

It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of games and practice portions of recruiting, But don’t get burnt. Stay sharp, make sure to mix in academics in your recipe of success.

Be committed,

Coach Mike



Coach Mike oversees the recruiting of talented next-level athletes by helping families develop and implement a recruiting strategy for athletes to get exposure, evaluated and recruited. As former college athlete with over 20 years of experience as a coach, Mike now mentors families through the academic, athletic and financial aspects of college recruiting.  

Coach Mike – Email:   Office: 805-622-STAR


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