Showcases, Camps and Combines : tips for recruiting

College showcases, camps and combines are a great way to compete against some of the nation’s top high school talent. Additionally, the experience at these events can be very valuable in the development of a young athlete. So, just based on the sheer competitiveness of these types of events, I feel that it is a wise decision to attend camps, combines and showcases. as you can without breaking the bank!

Having said that, however, my experience has found that trying to rely solely on college showcases, camps and combines to get recruited not a very sound strategy by itself. Most college coaches that attend these type of events already have developed recruiting lists of athletes they plan to watch. Also, coaches need to be at the intended event. So, if college coaches wont’ be at the event, then its is impossible for them to see you compete, which means there is a pretty good chance you will go unnoticed by them. At least by the coach you wished to see you.

neonbrand-423338-unsplash (1)
If college coaches wont’ be at the event then its is impossible for them to see you compete which means there is a pretty good chance you will go unnoticed by them. (Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Instead, a winning recruiting strategy for using camps, combines and showcase is as follows. First, do some research to make sure college coaches form the schools you like will be attending the showcases, camps and combines that you also plan to compete at. Then, most importantly, athletes should make sure they are prepared for the event.  Next, utilize good communication before the event.  Finally, reach out to coaches  directing them to your recruiting profile along with any video highlights you may have. (PrepStar athletes can do this in a few clicks- message me if you need to know how).

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Coach Mike oversees the recruiting of talented next-level athletes by helping families develop and implement a recruiting strategy for athletes to get exposure, evaluated and recruited. As former college athlete with over 20 years of experience as a coach, Mike now mentors families through the academic, athletic and financial aspects of college recruiting.  

Coach Mike – Email:   Office: 805-622-STAR


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