What You Need to Know About the New NCAA Recruiting Rules

As of April 25, 2018 new recruting regulations were passed by the NCAA changing the timeline for official visits and verbal offers for D1 college and D1 prospects. In my opinion, the new regulations will offer athletes more time for colleges coaches to evaluate and assess prospects while relieving some of the pressure for prospects to commit early.
Since there has been caused a lot of confusion for athletes and parents I am hosting a Free 30 minute recruiting rules Webinar Thursday, May 31st @ 5pm PDT/8pmEDT for athletes and parents to breakdown the new rules and answer questions.

grzegorz-walczak-494248-unsplash (2)
Take control of your recruiting  by being well informed of the  new recruiting rules. Photo by Grzegorz Walczak on Unsplash


Overall, though the new rules will likely bring about discontent to the recruiting methods some college coaches have become accustomed. Furthermore, the new regulations will most impact D1 schools. However, it is certain that D2, D3, NAIA and Junior colleges will experience some recruiting turbulence under the sweeping institutional regulations.

Since the regulations became effective immediately, the 2020 recruiting class and beyond are subject to the new legislation.  Notably, a quick summary of changes begins pointing out that the new regulations impacts all D1 collegiate sports except football and basketball (which have sanctioned recruiting regulations indicative to the respective sport).

The most noticeable change mandates that no verbal commitments can be offered to a student-athlete before September 1st of her/his Junior year. Consequently, the new rules prohibit college coaches to talk recruiting with prospective student athletes. So, will this ruling actually end early offers?
Additionally, to coincided with the new rules the NCAA has permitted student athletes to take official visits as early as September 1st of their Junior year. Curiously, how will these visits become arranged if no recruiting communication is permitted?

Consequently, to what may seem to be egregious action the recruiting process, evaluation and exposure opportunities will remain rather routine.  Surely, athletes that can get and stay on the radar of college coaches will have a obvious recruiting advantage. As a Prepstar athlete your advantage is that college coaches have unfettered access to both your information and recruiting mentor.

On May 31st join me for a free 30 minute webinar designed to help athletes and parents make more sense of the new recruiting rules. Register here to recieve your webinar password. Questions about the rule changes can be Dm’d to my Twitter before the webinar.

Finally, if you have questions please contact me. I am always glad to help.

Be committed,

Coach Mike


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