New Recruiting Timeline for 2019’s

August 1st marks the beginning of the final recruiting year for 2019 seniors. The recruiting period, as noted by the chart below, lasts until July 31st, 2019.

During this final year of recruiting seniors can take official visits, recieve scholarship offers and sign their official national letter of intent.

Seniors should remain diligent with their recruiting. I suggest continuing to communicate with coaches by checking in with them by phone at least once a month.  Also, it is vital that seniors maintain, or improve, their cumulative gpa.  So, study hard to get the extra points needed to increase the gpa. Also, I advise that students retake the college entry exams (ACT or SAT) in order to get a higher score, to meet or surpass college admission requirements.  Additionally, higher gpa and college entry exams will equate to more scholarship funding opportunities.



Get Committed!


Coach Mike oversees the the recruiting of talented next-level athletes to develop a recruiting strategy to get seen, scouted and recruited.  As a coach with over 20 years of experience, and a as former college athlete, Mike now mentors families through the academic, athletic and financial aspects of college recruiting.  

Coach Mike – Email:   Phone: 805-622-STAR


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