Seven details you should include in a short email to college coaches

This ebook is a great resource for to help write emails for any recruiting need.

Email communication with college coaches is the most effective and most important method for student athletes to show recruiting interest. Often athletes are unaware the the essential information to included.

As a result of frequent requests from student athletes I recently wrote a Guide to Writing Great Recruiting Emails specifically for those athletes needing help with writing emails to college coaches (click on the book cover for more info).

The ebook is a great resource for any recruiting need. Inside the book has includes:

  • 10 email templates for every recruiting situation
  • plus real examples from scholarship student athletes
  • and step by step easy to follow instructions 

Today, I want to share a useful outline and examples of seven details that should always be included in a short initial email to college coaches.

  1. First, break the ice with a note of thanks,
    • in the introduction of the email always thank the coach for contacting you
    • for example, “Thank you for taking the time to contact me… write me… me..send me a postcard….
  2. Next, introduce yourself and, if applicable, remind them where/how you met
    • Include name, from High School or City, State
    • We met at the (camp, combine, event, location)
  3. Then give them some specifics about you
    • for example graduation year, sport, position, height, weight, academic interest
    • I attended the (camp/combine) on (date)
  4. To impress them, tell them something about their program and/or college (doing some quick research will help)
    • Ex. “Your school has both a great (sport) team but also a top-notch (subject) program”
  5. Now, request information about the athletic and academic programs be sent to your home
    • Ex. “I would like to know more about….
  6. As you wrap up, make sure to include your contact information (i.e. address and phone number) in your signature after the salutation.
    • “Sincerely”, “thanks”, or  “Best regards”
    • Address, phone number
  7. Finally, in your signature include how they can connect with you on social media
    1. hyperlink your Twitter handle or Instagram profile info at the bottom of your signature.

Finally, keep in mind any email to a college coach should be fairly short, but detailed enough to give the coach enough information to put you on the recruiting radar. Several examples of short but effective recruiting emails are included in the ebook. Get your copy and get the confidence you need to write great recruiting emails. writing


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