The key to writing great recruiting emails

What is the key to writing a recruiting email that catches the attention of a college coach? How do other athletes do it? And what information should be included in an email to a college coach?

First, I think we can all agree that email is the most effective way to get a lot of recruiting information in front of a college coach. Sure other methods like social media are great for sending small bits of information, but the email allows the athlete to share recruiting information that is key for the recruiting process.

So the information that goes into a recruiting email needs to be information that separates you from other athletes competing for the coaches attention. That information needs to help you stand out , not blend in.

Recently, I published an ebook for athletes to help them learn how to write great recruiting emails. This book contains complete templates formatted for specific recruiting situations. It also contains real examples of effective email formats used successfully by high school athletes who used the templates to help earn a spot on college rosters.

Get your copy and get the confidence you need to write great recruiting emails.


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