The Guide to Writing Great Recruiting Emails

What is the key to writing recruiting emails that actually catch the attention of a college coaches? How do other athletes do it? And what information should be included when writing an email to a college coach?

First, I think we can all agree that email is a very effective way to get the attention of a college coach. Sure, other methods, like Twitter, are great for sending small bits of information, .But the email allows the athlete to share key recruiting information. Anyone can send a tweet, like a tweet or retweet a tweet. But only a few can draft a compose a well worded recruiting email.

Information that should be included in a recruiting email needs to separates you from other athletes who are also competing for the coaches attention. What is communicated needs to be information that helps you stand out, not blend in.

To guide athletes with the right information, I recently published an ebook specifically for athletes wanting to be different from the crowd. My book teaches athletes how to write great recruiting emails and also explains what type of email should be written for every recruiting situation. This book contains formatted fill in the blank templates for camps, showcases, games and other requirements. It also contains real examples of effective email used by high school athletes who successfully used the templates to help get on the radar and eventually earn a college roster spot!

Readers, I want to help you reach your recruiting goals. So, go get your copy today and get the confidence you need to write great recruiting emails.

Ebook website:


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