#HPA Challenge

Adversity brings out the true character in people.  It is like an x-ray. Adversity reveals what is actually there.  It has a harsh but truthful way of unveiling what we are made of. 

Since most, if not all, high school spring sports have been suspended or cancelled since the quarantine restrictions have been enforced, student athletes have a tremendous amount of free time.  I’m positive that the mandated hiatus will surely reveal the true nature of many student-athletes.

See, there are athletes who will take advantage of the downtime and use it to make themselves better. These high performing athletes will get creative and make opportunities to improve their skills. No matter what, these high performers will get their reps in with improvised practices, drills and spontaneous workouts. 

But, there are also student-athletes who will take advantage of the downtime and make little or now use of it. Instead, they will get complacent and make excuses for why it is better to rest and relax than it is to use the time to sharpen their skills.  

When the sanctions are lifted, which student-athlete is going to be prepared to compete? Which student- athlete is going to be ready to help the team right away?

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Here is a challenge for student-athletes designed to keep them stay game-ready and accountable to their teammates. 

I call it the HPA CHALLENGE (High Performing Athlete Challenge). #HPAchallenge

The goal is that even though your team can’t practice together, EVERYONE is doing their part to make the team stronger and better for when competition resumes.

Here are the rules.

1. Student- athletes are to create a home base workout focused on these three areas.

  • Dynamic functional sport specific strength exercises
  • Position specific drills including number of reps
  • Conditioning activity

2. Daily training sessions should be at least 1 hour. 

3. Student-athletes must be accountable to teammates.  So, connect with them on social media, text, email…whatever. 

4. Notify teammates when you start your workout, tell them your goals, practice plan, and number of reps. Then notify teammates when you finish.

5. Also, throughout the day, show them that you are eating clean and staying hydrated (drink between 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon of water everyday!)   

Why do this? It’s because when you tell people what you are going to do you are more likely to do it! That’s called accountability!So, as you are accountable to your teammates they will also be accountable to you. As a result EVERYONE will get better!

Lastly, if you use social media to be accountable use the #HPAchallenge and tag me @coachmikewoosley. I’ll do what I can to support and encourage your progress.


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