High Performing Athletes- Self discipline during social distancing

I’m over it. You’re probably over it too. The new routine you created is now starting to get old since we’re in the second month of the social-distancing, self -isolation, sequester. So, what do you do next? How do you create a new routine designed to keep you performing at a high level?

Let’s break down the 6 characteristics of high performing athletes to help guide you:

  •  High performing athletes are able to clarify the vision and path to reach their goals. 
    • Even though it looks like no end is in sight, high performing athletes are, right now, playing out the scenes in their minds, of games they haven’t played yet. They can see themselves on the field dominating the opponent!
  • High performance athletes measure results repeatedly.  They do this to discover areas of progress as well as weaknesses.
    • The gym is closed, meal prep is difficult, and the temptation to stay up late is very real. But the high performing athlete is very aware of weakness and is meticulously measuring progress. To them its a challenge not just maintain but pack on muscle, get faster, and throw farther.
  • High-performing athletes take full responsibility. They take complete ownership of their actions, their plans, and their purpose.
    • For a high performing athlete it is unquestionable to stay at home, sit inside and not get any workouts in. They are putting in the work! They are getting up early and eating clean. High performing athletes don’t listen to the talking heads spouting about the possibility of no season ahead. The high performing athletes ignore that bull and remain accountability to their teammates.
  • High performing athletes possess “want to”. They willfully want to practice and put in the extra reps. This characteristic is often partnered with words like passion, desire, drive and determination. 
    • Against conventional wisdom and the smack-talk of the slackers, the high performing athletes are getting extra reps today. High performing athletes are obsessive about their sport. The thought of not doing something every day that will make them better at their sport makes them ill.
  • High performing athletes take care of their body, mind, and spirit. They plan and execute good self care habits and have the discipline to maintain those habits. 
    1. Access to resources have been limited, the high performing athlete finds creative ways for self care. They allow themselves to explore new techniques. High performing athletes take self care seriously.
  • High performing athletes seek out great coaching. They intentionally look for and listen to coaches who  can help them  break through to the next level. 
    • Regardless of the current constraints, the high performing athlete has kept in contact with their coach. To the high performing athlete, the mentorship of the coach holds great value. The bond towards reaching a common goal is so strong that the high performing athlete make it a priority to stay in touch.


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