The Recruiting Process: A parent’s perspective.

Over the Easter weekend, I recorded an Interview with Jeff Wozniak, teacher, parent of student athlete, and all around good guy. He graciously took the time to share with me his point of view as a parent of a student athlete going through the recruiting process. 

Jeff played college ball back in the day. But, as most of us old-timers know, the recruiting process is much different today. It was great hearing about his experience as he and his wife walked alongside their son through his recruiting process. 

Jeff provides, from the parent perspective, some great insight about the recruiting process that I think will be helpful to parents and players alike. 

0:00  Intro

0:43  Making the decision to start the recruiting process.

2:40  The best time to start the recruiting process

3:12   How to get the advantage in the recruiting process

3:33   Seeing the value in recruiting assistance: relationships and connections

4:44   Committing to a college

5:26   The advantage of starting the recruiting process early

6:22   Accountability throughout the recruiting process

7:13   The triangle effect

8:00   Teaming up with outside resources (PrepStar/Coach Mike

8:45   The benefits of PrepStar

9:28   The family advisor

9:40   Criticism for using an outside resource and how to ignore it

10:30  Investing in your kids’ future

11:40  Timeline of his sons’ recruiting process

13:02  Getting the first offer

14:41  Decommitting (restarting the recruiting process)

16:35  How PrepStar helped get a second scholarship offer

19:23  Advice for parents: let the program work

21:45  Coach Mike : my Jerry Maguire

23:10  Without PrepStar my son would be out in the cold

25:00  College rosters after COVID-19

26:21  Let PrepStar work the process; trust the process to get the best offer

27:21  Parent’s pressure and angst in the process

28:26  What college coaches want to see

29:54  Overall experience: telling others about PrepStar 

32:32  Parent  perspective: coaches don’t want to talk to parents, they want to talk to professionals. 

33:31 Final thoughts

Admittedly, in some parts the audio and video recording is less than desired.

To learn more about PrepStar recruiting go here.


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