Clearly, recruiting for the class of 2021 has taken on a much different timeline than years past.  As most student athletes are aware, the NCAA has extended the Dead Period for all sports to April 15, 2021.  So what’s next? Lately, I’ve been getting questions about this so here are a few helpful pieces of information. 

While it is true that evaluation opportunities have been hamstrung, recruiting keeps moving forward.. At this time, college coaches may not have face to face contact with athletes or their parents. It also means that college coaches cannot watch players compete. 

Typically, the majority of the recruiting class sign in the Spring. Furthermore, recruits can sign until the August 1, 2021.

What does the extensions and delays mean for student-athlete seeking to get recruited? Student-athletes should focus on the things that they can control. Photo by Fitsum Admasu on Unsplash

Give these delays as a result of covid-19 it is likely that the majority of the 2021 recruiting class to sign late.  

This situation is much like a bad call by a referee. It may be terrible, it may affect your team, but the call is what it is. As a competitor the only thing to do is shake it off and refocus executing the game-plan.  

Most importantly, student-athletes should focus on the things that they can control. First, the primary focus at this time is to keep working hard. Stay in shape, keep up the workouts and stay hungry. Second, when school begins concentrate on getting the best grades possible. Studies are showing that distance learning resulting in lower student grades. So, don’t slack off or miss assignments. Third, it is important to be patient with the process. Contact periods are designed to slow down the process so that coaches have adequate time to scout prospects. Now that covid-19 has impacted the process it is even more important to be patient. Last, and perhaps most important during the delay, players can, and should, continue reaching out to coaches during all contact periods to remain on the radar. 

Recruiting dead period in all sports extended by DI Council
Pandemic prompts extension until April 15
November 18, 2020 6:20pmMichelle Brutlag Hosick


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