How to Take Control of the Recruitment Process: tips for parents and student athletes

How to Take Control of the Recruitment Process if You’re a Parent or a Student Athlete

The 4 week coaching program with Coach Mike Woosley will help guide your student-athlete through the recruiting process and improve their chances of getting recruited by top colleges.

What is the 4 week accelerated coaching program?

It consists of weekly video coaching with Coach Mike Woosley from his office in sunny Chandler, Arizona. You will have the chance to ask questions about the recruiting process, video, social media and learning the NCAA guidelines, all while getting coaching straight from a premier coach. Coach Mike is a former college athlete, coach and also a parent of student-athletes. He has guided and coached a wide variety of high school and junior high athletes throughout his coaching career. He currently works with some of the most elite athletes in the nation, including high school and college athletes.

Who should attend the 4 week accelerated coaching program?

Any athlete at the high school level that is seeking to improve their recruiting ability The first week of the program is designed to help parents and student-athletes overcome their preconceived ideas of how recruiting works and why it is a “long shot” for student-athletes to get recruited. Questions to ask during this week: Why is it so difficult for student-athletes to get recruited?

What’s included in the 4 week accelerated coaching program?

Each week is focused on a specific topic and goal. Each week is packed with actionable tips and practical tools that will help your student-athlete gain control of the recruiting process. Most student-athletes and their parents want to get recruited but they don’t know how. You’re not alone. The sports recruiting process is extremely confusing for players and parents. Many students feel like there’s no way to get a coach’s attention in such a busy and distracting recruiting calendar. With Coach Mike, it’s different. He’s a certified coach and knowledgeable recruiter with multiple years of experience helping student-athletes achieve their athletic, academic and life goals. He’ll show you how to take charge of the recruiting process and overcome all the challenges of being a collegiate athlete.

How does the 4 week accelerated coaching program work?

Weekly coaching sessions will guide you through the essentials of the recruiting journey, working with parents or student-athletes in weekly Zoom sessions in a 4 week rotation: outline an effective recruiting strategy, receive answers to the recruiting questions that you have, see how to boost social media to get on a college coach’s radar and learn what your student athlete needs to improve their current standing. Check out Coach Woosley’s high school coaching client list. Athletes can learn more about Coach Woosley’s coaching and student-athlete on his website or on his YouTube channel.

Why is it important to take control of the recruitment process?

Most student-athletes have a narrow view of what the recruiting process should look like. While many parents are eager to provide the “student athlete perspective” in the process, most parents don’t have the experience or knowledge to carry out this process successfully. Each year, more than 400,000 high school athletes are recruited through various levels of college sports. Colleges are losing out on thousands of players every year because parents and student-athletes don’t have the right coaching, the right educational experience and the right mindset when it comes to recruiting. How much is a college scholarship worth? What does the life of a college athlete look like? How can student- athletes be recruited by the best teams?


The Internet and social media have changed everything in college recruiting. It used to be that only a small group of people had information about athletes. Now, it’s not that way. Today, college recruiters are finding out more about student-athletes than ever before. Therefore, you have two choices: either try to navigate the recruiting process yourself and hope someone finds you if you get lost. Or get the guidance and direction you need to reach recruiting success.


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