Official visits & Unofficial Visits

Official visits and Unofficial visits quick comparison

The difference between the two is who pays the bill 

In an official visit the school pays for transportation to the visit and activities while on campus. Conversely, in an unofficial the you pay to get to the visit and for most activities while on campus.

In total, athletes are allotted 5 official visits by the NCAA. However, athletes may take only 1 official visit to a college. On the other hand, there is no limit on unofficial visits (why? because you pay your way to the visit 😀)

Quick Tips-other things you need to know

Often college coaches give scholarship offers are given during official visits

Student athletes can start taking unofficial visits freshman year. Official visits for most sports, however, are allocated for Junior and Senior year (and NCAA ID is also needed).

Lastly, the rules for Official vs Unofficial visits do vary for a few sports and also by division D1-D2, D3, NAIA so it is important to learn those rules.

How do you prepare for official & unofficial visits?

Well , helping you prepare for the recruiting process including unofficial and official visits is part of our comprehensive coaching program at PrepStar.  So, If you’d like to learn more or are interested in what it takes to have me as your personal recruiting coach, comment below or dm on one of my social media outlets (Twitter & Instagram: @michaelwoosley) .


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