PrepStar Coaching: The Ultimate Tool To Find the Right College Fit

PrepStar Coaching: The Ultimate Tool To Find the Right College Fit

 A Difference Working with Coach Mike- Morgan’s experience

Unlike conventional recruiting platforms Prepstar knows the athletes we work with. The PrepStar 360 team provides 1-1 relationship opportunities between athletes and our scouts. Athletes like Morgan benefit from the personal approach while they are going through the ever-changing path that is college recruiting. 

PrepStar 360A new and improved recruiting platform

“At PrepStar 360 we know the specific needs of our athletes and the college recruiters, so we have developed a new recruiting platform based upon that insight. We truly feel it is a better recruiting tool than what is currently out there on the market.”– Mike Woosley, national scouting director of PrepStar “Our service goes beyond traditional recruiting. Our site and comprehensive program helps find the right colleges, academics for each individual athlete. That is what we mean by PrepStar 360.

PrepStar is different from other recruiting platforms

For athletes like Morgan, PrepStar’s 360° approach provides an athlete from beginning to end of their college recruiting journey and the system is unprecedented. Its team of fully-trained college scouts conduct one-on-one recruiting assessment, video visits and progress evaluations that far exceed the recruiting services of conventional recruiting sites. Coach Mike, National Director at PrepStar explains, “The PrepStar 360° approach was created with an athlete’s needs, and not a 3 year experience, or a 4 year experience. Our personalized recruiting approach provides a supportive and unique recruiting experience to help athletes discover their perfect college fit. 

The PrepStar Difference

Powered by technology and decades of interaction we take pride in being the only national, high school recruiting program of its kind. In today’s world athletes and coaches communicate digitally in every possible way. PrepStar 360 is designed to be more intuitive than any of its competitors. Here’s why: How do you get coaches to find you? PrepStar will give you your best chance of being seen, recruited and getting a college scholarship. We connect you with the best coaches, most passionate parents and a community of support. Because we’re a scouting and recruiting company we understand the importance of your college future.

PrepStar Coaching

“We like to challenge ourselves to find the most efficient, efficient recruiting solution for our athletes.” Bethany Juarez, social media liaison at PrepStar Southwest. Now the group does more than just share information with recruits and the schools. In addition to creating the platforms and compiling information. PrepStar 360 is also making it available for college recruiters. The clients for PrepStar 360 cover nearly every major college sport. Since their platform is so unique, they make the communications with the colleges available to the schools as well. “The schools are able to communicate with us on the college recruiting platforms directly.”


This article outlines how PrepStar 360 changed the life as a softball prospect like Morgan and how it can for other athletes too. While there are many powerful tools out there, not all of them are the right fit for everyone. Our scouts are waiting to talk to you. Reach out today and let’s take your athletic future to the next level. Coach Mike Woosley is the national scouting director for PrepStar. He has helped place a large number of college scholarship offers. To contact Coach Mike call 480-605-4050 or email:


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