#1 recruiting mistake I see most often

As Scouting Director I get to see many of the country’s most talented athletes. As I evaluate, talk and meet with families across the nation and I’ve discovered that a larger number of them struggle with recruiting. I want to share what I’ve found to help you with your athlete’s recruiting.

Most often recruiting struggles have little to do with the athlete’s ability and more to do with timing. The number one recruiting mistake I see most often is related to starting the recruiting process too late.

Because college coaches cannot recruit a player that he/she does not know about you can avoid this mistake by starting the recruiting process early. An early start assures more control over the recruiting process and greater opportunities to be scouted and recruited by more coaches, as well as, saves your family time, money and worry.


However, neglecting to start early has severe consequences. The most common are

  • unnecessarily spending of precious time and money trying to make up for lost time,
  • loss of control over the recruiting process
  • no competitive advantage over the thousands of other athletes hoping to fill roster spots and get scholarships
  • athletes that are overlooked and not recruited like they should be

Partnering with PrepStar and myself can assure you the right amount of recruiting exposure and assistance you need to stay ahead of the recruiting game or catch up if you are behind.

I hope this tip is both helpful and useful for your athlete’s recruiting. I’ve included a few recruiting resources are included below to help you out.

~ Coach Mike




Coach Mike Woosley is a National Scouting Director at CSA-PrepStar.  As a professional collegiate sports scout Mike works with qualified next level student-athletes to find the right college athletic and academic fit. Comments and questions are always welcome.



3 thoughts on “#1 recruiting mistake I see most often

  1. I am a 2022 graduate who currently plays 14u Softball in North Carolina. Do you think that I should begin my recruiting process now? If not, how long should I wait?


    1. Ashlyn- great question. Eighth grade is a good time to start getting serious about recruiting especially if you are committed to the process. Personally, I started my daughter’s recruiting her 8th grade year and it has given her a huge recruiting advantage.

      If you’re interested in learning more about the next steps for your recruiting player profile so I can help you out. http://ow.ly/43BB30eg4Rq

      Coach Mike


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