Tips for the Next Signing Day: how to get stay on the recruiting radar.

Now that February Signing Day is behind us we can look forward to the next Signing Day on April 11. Coaches can contact prospective athletes by all forms of communication; phone calls, texts, email, campus visits, letters etc. Typically,  Juniors contacted during this time are considered top-choice prospects.

Communication like email, text and social media are great ways to let coaches know that you are interested

So, what do you do if you are contacted by a college coach? Here are a few tips to help you connect and remain on the radar. Also, remember I am here to help you so please contact me with any recruiting questions that you have.

Communication like email, text and social media are great ways to let coaches know that you are interested in becoming a part of their program. Surely, when you are contacted by a college coach, you want to make the most of the opportunity as well as give the college coach plenty of reasons to keep you on the their recruiting radar.

Reply promptly to contacts from college coaches by email, phone, online. Communication has to be two-way.  So try your best to reply to emails, calls or messages within 48 hours.

Response communication should to demonstrate your interest in the academics and athletic programs. An email should include contact information, links to video, stats and any other information you feel necessary to help your recruiting.

Keep an informative, but short, email template handy for a quick reply to coaches. Include your name, grad year, position, GPA, test scores, video links, PrepStar profile link, travel team name and high school MaxPreps/Hudl link.

If you send coaches your info then it is important to update your recruiting profile regularly. Treat your PrepStar recruiting profile like your social media. Post current information frequently to your recruiting profile to keep it up to date. This information should include most recent stats, recent video, recent pictures,  current ACT/SAT scores, current GPA. Also include any other pertinent information such accomplishments, honors or clubs that may show coach you are a great student, athlete and person.

Many coaches are not quick to reply and it may seem like a double standard but don’t make a coach wait for you reply. Especially, a coach from a college you really want to attend. Expect to wait. Expect to wait. It is common for communication to be slow during the contact period. However, the worst thing you can do is make coaches wait. Let them know if you are interested in their program and school.

Finally, stay focused on your goal, be patient and keep working hard. NEVER GIVE UP ON SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN’T GO A DAY WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT.

Be committed.

Coach Mike


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