How athletes can use Reevuu technology to get great coaching

In the mind of an high performing athlete finding ways to get better is top priority. Even when they are at the top of their game, high performing athletes look for ways to improve. The seek to find an edges and are certain that coaching can give them what is needed to break through to the next level.  Today, technology allows for athletes to get great coaching from experts in the sport.

But sadly, many of athletes think they know it all and don’t need any help. Ego is like a little voice whispering lies and fills them with false confidence that no one else is good enough to help. But to get to the next level, everyone needs help.  Even the greatest of athletes of all time have relied on coaches to get them to the next level.

Here are three reasons to seek a coach: 
1. Coaches know first hand what is necessary to become great. 

2.  Coaches see the things athletes cannot see. 

3. Coaches comprehend the vision so they push past the limits and on towards new levels of achievement. 

Firmly, I believe that great coaches make great players. In contrast, great players don’t make great coaches. If you are willing to get coaching, don’t just go out and find any so-called coach. I encourage you to seek out a great coach. 

So, I wanted to invite you to check out Reevuu, a new online coaching platform for student athletes.
Reevuu is a platform that allows players to upload a video of their practice, drills, game or highlights to the app for a certified coach to critique for a small fee. Free reviews are also available!

What’s cool about it is that the coach will review the video and provide athletes with a detailed breakdown, instruction and specific training / drills the athlete should work on based on the video they submitted.

Student athletes interested in checking out Reevuu can click here.

Coaches interested in checking out Reevuu can click here.


High Performing Athletes- 6 common characteristics

At the start of the new year, I began as series focused on 6 major characteristics of high performing athletes. Often, I am asked about the what it takes for an athlete to reach a a high performance level beyond natural ability. So, after making a long list, researching top athletes, and persistent review I came up with 6 common characteristics. Obviously, these six characteristics is not an exhaustive list, however, I am certain that some form of these characteristics are prevalent in the life, mind and practices of anyone that is considered to be a high performing athletes. 

Any athlete who desires to perform at the highest level must exercise a extra-ordinary amount of disciple. (Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash)

The summary of the 6 characteristics are:

  1.  High performing athletes are able to clarify the vision and path to reach their goals. 
  2. High performance athletes measure results repeatedly.  They do this to discover areas of progress as well as weaknesses.
  3. High-performing athletes take full responsibility. They take complete ownership of their actions, their plans, and their purpose.
  4. High performing athletes possess “want to”. They willfully want to practice and put in the extra reps. This characteristic is often partnered with words like passion, desire, drive and determination. 
  5. High performing athletes take care of their body, mind and spirit. They plan and execute good self care habits and have the discipline to maintain those habits. 
  6. High performing athletes seek out great coaching. They intentionally look for and listen to coaches who  can help them  break through to the next level. 

Now that you are aware of these six characteristics, the next question to consider is what is the common denominator ties them together?  In my opinion that denominator is discipline. Any athlete who desires to perform at the highest level must exercise a extra-ordinary amount of disciple. Almost to a level that seems obsessive when compared to those around him/her. High performing athletes know that to make their goals into reality uncompromising discipline is a must.